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  • Comprehensive Language Assessment
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  • Pre-Built 15/30-minute tests available
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How It Works


Select Your Candidate Package

From a small company screening up to 25 candidates for their latest vacancy to companies screening up to 100 candidates, our tests work for all


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Our user-friendly, step-by-step guide will show you exactly how you can control your entire onboarding and screening process


Monitor Performance

Access a Straightforward Dashboard that enables candidate screening as they take our pre-built tests and speed up your decision-making


Extra Functions

With further options for customization and more detailed proctoring, you're sure to make this your go-to process for all your future hiring

Pricing Options

Up to 25 Candidates


  • Onboard up to 25 Candidates

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Up to 50 Candidates


  • Onboard up to 50 Candidates

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Up to 100 Candidates


  • Onboard up to 100 Candidates

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