Drive Your English - Drive Your Career

  • For Corporates - Train Your Employees in-house with our Range of Business English Courses & Workshops
  • For Professionals - Take Control of Your Workplace Communication and Advance in the Corporate World
  • For Jobseekers - Prepare for Interviews with our Advice, Pre-Screening Tests & Live Sessions
  • For Teachers - Expand Your Classroom with our Courses, Customizable Tests & Deliverables
  • For Test-Takers - Prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, & other Exams with Advice & Mock Tests

What Do We Offer?

You have just found your new One-Stop Shop for learning and teaching, with Course Bundles to suit everyone's needs

An Expanding Range of:

  • Business English Courses & Workshops
  • Teaching Resources for Freelance Teachers & Institutes
  • A host of Exam Preparation Courses & Mock Tests
  • Pre-Screening Tests for Companies & Jobseekers

Brought to You by an Expert Team of:

  • English Language Teachers
  • Employment Advisors & HR Professionals
  • Academics & Writers
  • Professonials with a Wide Range of Corporate Experience

How Can You Benefit?

Companies! Improve Employee Workplace Communication and Enhance Productivity and Client Interaction

Jobseekers! Improve your understanding of the Interview Process and Upgrade your Language for Success

Teachers! Expand Class Numbers and Increase Revenue with our Easy Student Onboarding

Students! Enjoy the Support of our Team as Part of Our Growing Community of Learners

How Does It Work?

Many of our Bundles are Ready-To-Go, meaning you simply Select the Plan of Your Choice and Get Immediate Sign-Up. You'll see this with our Business English Courses and Exam Prep Bundles.

For Teachers and Corporations with More Specific Needs, you'll see Options for Student Onboarding and Workshop Sign-Up, or for Contacting us Directly. Welcome to EnglishLogica.

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